I close my eyes

and look into the visage of my mind.

A letter,

No return address,


I see wiring:

Millions of thin, microscopic wires tangled and jumbled,

A labyrinth of confusion.

I split my perception

Into millions of faceted views

And try to follow each wire to the root

Of where they lie.

I cant.

I won’t.

I don’t want to—

(On second thought).



So I escape,

Opening my eyes.

I get up from my seat

And walk to the front door.

The shiny knob, glistening for my attention,

Speaking to me,

Calling to me…

To escape my world

And enter into the universe of lost hearts:

People waiting for discovery.

The sun meets my embrace.

(I hate the sun.)

I press on,

Just to leave my mind.

I see cattle, fence posts, trees,



But no wires,

No faults,

No problems.

(I am happier that way.)






Night falls.

I feel good now:

No reason to confront myself.

So I lie upon a meadow,

Under the stars.

(Stars screaming at the moon

Boasting for attention)

And I remain

Just another aspect of the world around,

Lying in the dark,

Unharmed by myself

My mind

My tears.



Until the sun rises

And I peel back the curtains of my mind

And see the wires just the way I left them.




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