Nightmare (Revised)

Spiders crawl through this dreamscape

weaving a web through the emotions

that bleed in my slumber:

I follow the silk lines

to the middle

where lies

the heart of poison:

multidimensional scenes

of conscious actions


It burns my heart alive

as I feel and see the life I lived

as an addict.

I get stuck

as the vibrations swallow my soul.

Distance comes between

the waking.

My mind’s eye

closes for eternal rest;

I slip further from life.

Wake up

Wake up

The voices say!

Where am I?

Dwelling in the blood stained

wounds of my lost shadow:

my cryptic identity

patterned with morals shattered

and lives forever changed.


Can I wake?

Can I feel?

My pliable conscious

—an underexposed

lapse in my symmetrical world of

mental activity—

begins to part.

Light streams in.

I am lifted from the darkness

and cradled in the light:

held bosomed in the heart

of truth and hope.

With a spark of hope

and a loving embrace,

my vision comes to

as I learn to live

again and again.


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