She Is Everything Beautiful

At first it was the sky that caught my attention:

Colors played with the deep blue backdrop—

It seemed just an illusion.

But then

Lines began to form

Into shapes

That came together

To form a beautiful portrait of a woman.


Her face is soft

Her hair is light brown

And her smile is as lovely as a butterfly

Flitting through the summer air.

A smile that burns into my vision

Like molten passion burning and purifying my soul.

People close to me

Come and leave;

Her gaze fixates upon theirs—

Her eyes shift

Almost meeting mine in a well of emotion,

But then they pass by

And into the eyes of a man next to me

And next to him.


My eyes search for that one moment

When ours will meet,

When time will stop

Leaving us in the moment of fire,

Of awakening,

But it always fails

And I am left with nothing more

Than the broad shoulders

Of the Mr. Right standing next to me;

His eyes meet hers.


Her portrait never fades:

It’s always there

In my mind.

Ever shifting

And never finding



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