Into My Veins Eyes

Darkness fills the air

Clouds overhead rupture

Into a volatile storm

Like the night’s eye exploding

Into billions of bloody


Rain drops falling.


Tick, tick tock,

9, 10, 11,

Ding, ding dong,

An owl hoots,


Bitten by the banshee of the night

Breaking the silence in the air.


I turn from the brick wall

And look down the long

Ally stretch

And into her piercing eyes.

A long white dress

Swishes with her stride—

She floats my way

As a macabre ballerina

Who yearns for my soul.


Closer she seems.

Just inches away

Looking into my eyes

I see her mask turn charcoal

Then fades away

Exposing her deathly eyes

She is but a fetus deformed

Genetically altered

To a state of humanness

With her spirit altered

And smile killed

And she wants

And loves for my soul.

She wants to kill me

Then she strikes

Draining my body

Her bloody lips devour

My carcass

And she remains just the ghost of me.


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