Three Shades Darker Than Black (Revised)

Upon this chair I sit:

an embalmed carcass,

A dead puppet

to limp to feel.

my eyes bleed

memories of the past.

Streams of red

streak my face

with the footprints of my folly.


A synaptic response

of a billion

nerves of pain

imbedded upon

my skull.


of horror

and brokenness

war against my soul.


Whispers tell me the tales

that pierce the silence

brooding in my heart.


“No more,” I say.

My smile crumbles away

as my body

my flesh

crumbles to ash.


My soul,

no body

no tomb to hold,

fades in

and out


with the seas of life.

These lenses fog

no vision to gaze.

no hand to hold

no heart to beat

just an essence

peering into the beastly

eyes of damnation.


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