I’ll Wait (Part 2)

Into my eyes that long for a sense of fullness, I see my innermost desire: an electric love and a fiery passion that will meld us together as one. For her ultra violet smile and eternal eyes that will forever remain the beauty that brings my countenance alive. Yes, the night will come when all will seize. When by an old oak tree, where memories age there essence into its chiseled bark, her and I will embrace each other, kindling our ever burning embers of life. I will look into her eyes and see into her soul, into the abyss of her vibrating essence, and envelop her with my eternal love.

Day by day, the mirror becomes more transparent—rendering itself to form the portrait of my perception. The exact match of truth and faithfulness that ring a melody into my ever listening ears. And there she is; I can feel her presence. Her soft glowing light. But for now, I must wait on Christ to remove this fluid glass and make us complete, in Him.


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