For I Am

Sometimes I look

and see

into the eyes of my mind

the void I try to fill,

the void that cannot be filled


unless I accept the truth

the hope

the love.

Sometimes I trek

through the trails of my heart

trampling upon the soil

freshly laid—

faltering by the hand of my neglect.

And then

I look into my eyes again

and see the violent flames

of loss and regret

dance before my soul—

a ballet of death.

Darkness reins at the touch

and softens with rain


And then,

and then I see,

and love and feel.

Finally overcome

by the willingness

to live beyond the walls of my mind.


when I doubt myself

and those flames dance higher

farther and deeper into my essence

I can see the footprints of my wake.

I can become the soldier.

For I am

I am faithful.


2 responses to “For I Am

  1. Your life will change with every truthful post! The more honest you are with yourself the clearer your path will be!

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