Night and Day


darkness closed in

as a coffin lid closing


The door to my shed

swung to a hault.

i took a seat upon my stained mattress.

A mess:

half eaten canned food

and remnants of sticky soda.

The walls, the floor:

soiled with bloody-dope splatters.

My haven,

my graveyard

where no hope remained.

Where my soul remained

only a couple of shots from death.


A speedball straight to my femoral vein:

a demon kissed my lips

and made love to me,

a brain orgasm of a billion splendors

that only sent me deeper

into my well of tears

and broken promises.


But sorrow went away,

for a time,

when my brain embraced the kiss of death.

Neurons fired.

Endorphins released.

A warm hug better than any human could give.



Dawn birthed.

Light lent itself

to my hell.


Where am i?

i don’t recognize myself.

What am i doing?

i remain in between


An area where death seems familiar

and life doesn’t make sense.


But Christ became the bridge

of grace and mercy.

A clear mind.


And now,

life isn’t an obscurity

tainted by the familiar—by death

but it’s a spring of the clearest water

where i can see

His love

and make sense of this all.








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